THE FOLLOWING IS THE IDAHO PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION'S AGENDA FOR A DECISION MEETING to be held on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. The agenda is published forty-eight (48) hours in advance of each meeting. Meetings are held in the Commission's Hearing Room at the IPUC, 472 West Washington Street, Boise, Idaho. The time and the agenda are subject to change. Please check with Jean Jewell, Commission Secretary, at 334-0338 if you have any questions.

1. Minutes of Decision Meeting on January 25, 2010. Minutes have been circulated to the commissioners for review and are ready for consideration.

2. Grace Seaman's February 1, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Fremont's Compliance Tariff Filing to Increase Local Residential Telephone Service Rate.

3. Grace Seaman's February 2, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Rural Telephone Company's Compliance Tariff Filing to Increase Residential Rates, Advice Letter 10-01.

4. Grace Seaman's January 29, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Verizon's 2008 Broadband Equipment Tax Credit Application, Case No. VZN-T-10-01.

5. Keith Hessing's January 29, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Letter Agreement Between Idaho Power Company and Hoku Materials, Inc.

6. Kristine Sasser's January 29, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Millennium Networks, LLC Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, Case No. MNL-T-09-01.

7. Weldon Stutzman's January 29, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Idaho Power Company's Application for Approval of Stipulation Regarding Prudency Determination of Energy Efficiency Rider Funds Spent During 2002-2007, Case No. IPC-E-09-09.

8. Weldon Stutzman's January 27, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Idaho Power's Application to Make the Fixed Cost Adjustment Permanent, Case No. IPC-E-09-28.

9. Neil Price's January 29, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Avista's Request for a 90-Day Extension of the Commission-Approved Waiver IDAPA and 311.04 (Utility Customer Relations Rules) for Its Remote Disconnect and Reconnect Pilot Program, Case No. AVU-E-07-09.

10. Weldon Stutzman/Kris Sasser's January 29, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: United Water Idaho's Application for Authority to Increase Its Rates and Charges, Settlement Stipulation, Case No. UWI-W-09-01.


11. Deliberation re: Idaho Power's Application for Authority to Sell to PacifiCorp the Goshen Series Capicitor Bank, Case No. IPC-E-09-32. [No Memo. Kristine Sasser, Attorney.]

12. Deliberation re: Defined Benefit Pension Expense - Recovery Mechanism, Case No. IPC-E-09-29 (Idaho Power). [No Memo. Scott Woodbury, Attorney.]

13. Deliberation re: Petition for Reconsideration, Case No. BCS-W-09-02 (Bar Circle "S"). [No Memo. Scott Woodbury, Attorney.]

14. Deliberation re: RFP Competitive Bidding Guidelines, Motion to Initiate Procedural Schedule and to Narrow Scope of Docket, Case No. GNR-E-08-03. [No Memo. Scott Woodbury, Attorney.]