THE FOLLOWING IS THE IDAHO PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION'S AGENDA FOR A DECISION MEETING to be held on Monday, September 20, 2010 at 1:30 p.m. The agenda is published forty-eight (48) hours in advance of each meeting. Meetings are held in the Commission's Hearing Room at the IPUC, 472 West Washington Street, Boise, Idaho. The time and the agenda are subject to change. Please check with Jean Jewell, Commission Secretary, at 334-0338 if you have any questions.

1. Minutes of Decision Meeting on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010. Minutes have been circulated to the Commissioners for review and are ready for consideration.

2. Doug Cox's September 10, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Idaho Power Company Tariff Advice No. 10-03 Modifying City of Hailey, Idaho Franchise Fee Agreement.

3. Grace Seaman's September 16, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: CenturyTel of Idaho, Inc. Broadband Equipment Tax Credit Application, Case No. CEN-T-10-03.

4. Grace Seaman's September 16, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Qwest Corporation's Application for Approval of Amendment to the Interconnection Agreement, Case No. QWE-T-06-24.

5. Matt Elam's September 10, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Avista's Tariff Advice No. ADV 10-03-E and ADV 10-01-G.

6. Neil Price's September 14, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Proposed Abandonment of a Section of Union Pacific Railroad Company's Rail Line from Milepost 0.9 to Milepost 1.75 in Canyon County, Idaho, Case No. UPR-R-10-01.

7. Scott Woodbury's September 9, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Firm Energy Sales Agreement -- 80 MW Rockland Wind Project LLC, Case No. IPC-E-10-24 (Idaho Power).

8. Scott Woodbury's September 9, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Proposal to Reduce Eligibility Threshold for Large Load Customers, Case No. IPC-E-10-23 (Idaho Power).

9. TJ Golo's September 17, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Addition of Clarifying Language to All of Idaho Power's Residential Schedules, Tariff Advice No. 10-02.

10. Weldon Stutzman's September 16, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: Intermountain Gas Company's 2011-2015 Integrated Resource Plan, Case No. INT-G-10-04.

11. Grace Seaman's September 15, 2010 Decision Memorandum re: 2010 Idaho Telecommunications Relay Service Contract Award, Case No. GNR-T-10-05.


12. Deliberation re: Avista's Electric and Gas Rate Case, Case Nos. AVU-E-10-01 and AVU-G-10-01. [Don Howell and Kristine Sasser, Attorneys.]

13. Deliberation re: John Brewster's Petition for Reconsideration, Case No. VZN-T-10-03. [Kristine Sasser, Attorney.]

14. Deliberation re: Idaho Power Company's Revised Schedule 54 (FCA) Filing, Case No. IPC-E-10-21. [Neil Price, Attorney.]

15. Discussion to Consider the Hiring of the TRS Administrator Pursuant to Idaho Code 67-2345(1)(a) and 61-1303(1). [Don Howell, Attorney.]