Idaho Public Utilities Commission

Case No. IPC-E-08-22, Order No. 30687

December 3, 2008

Contact: Gene Fadness (208) 334-0339, 890-2712



Idaho Power seeks changes to fees for new service attachments, distribution lines


Idaho Power Company is asking state regulators to allow it to charge builders and developers more for new service attachments and distribution line installations and to reduce or eliminate refunds the builders get as new developments hook-on to the expanded facilities.


The company claims the proposed modifications to those charges, called the Rule H Tariff, would better meet a goal of the Idaho Public Utilities Commission and the company to require growth to pay for itself by shifting installation costs from the general body of ratepayers to new customers requesting construction for the services.


Idaho Power says it is notifying builders and developers throughout its southern Idaho territory about the proposed changes. It wants the changes to be approved by no later than March 1 and be effective 120 days later.


The commission has established a Dec. 10 deadline for interested parties to file as intervenors in the case for the purpose of presenting evidence or cross-examining witnesses at hearings that will be scheduled after the first of the year. Those who do not want to intervene can still provide written comment.


Idaho Power is also asking that it be allowed to add a section to the tariff that more clearly spells out who pays when the company has to relocate distribution facilities on public right-of-way due to roadway expansion. Currently, Idaho Power pays for the relocation when it is being required by a governmental agency such as the state Department of Transportation or county or city highway departments. When a third party requests relocation of distribution facilities, the third party must bear the cost. Idaho Power claims there have been recent instances where public road agencies have requested relocation on behalf of third-party developers. Idaho Power wants public road agencies to more clearly demonstrate that the relocation is for the public benefit and not for the benefit of a third party.


Those interested can access Idaho Power’s application, as well as testimony provided by company officials, on the commission’s Web site at Click on the electric icon, then on “Open Electric Cases,” and scroll down to Case No. IPC-E-08-22. Comments are accepted via e-mail by accessing the commission’s homepage and clicking on "Comments & Questions." Fill in the above case number and enter your comments. Comments can also be mailed to P.O. Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720-0074 or faxed to (208) 334-3762.