Amending/Withdrawing Certificates

The Idaho PUC does not exercise jurisdiction over the financial/economic aspects of maintaining a telephone corporation. Consequently, telephone corporations other than fully regulated companies are not required to secure the Commission's approval for any sales, takeovers, stock transactions or any other financial or ownership transactions.

The Commission DOES require the following:

1. Notice to the Commission of the discontinuance, merger or purchase. The notice should specify how the customers were notified, provide a copy of the notice to the customers, and describe whether or how the new entity will serve the customers.

2. The retiring CLEC should submit a letter to this Commission relaying the following:

a. What transaction will take place

b. How it will affect the company's customers

c. A copy of the notice to be given to customers and information about how the notice was/will be distributed

d. Instructions about how the Commission should dispose of the existing Certificate and tariffs/price lists on file. (e.g. should they be pulled or will a new company assume responsibility for them, etc.)

3. The surviving CLEC must:

a. submit its application for a new Certificate or request that the Certificate formerly held by the retiring Company be transferred to the new Company. In either case, the information to be submitted is the same. See Application for Certification for the specific information that must be submitted.

b. submit a new tariff/price list and instructions to remove the old tariff/price list from our files


revise the existing tariff/price list to replace the old company name with the new/revised name.

c. Provide a description of how the transition will take place, how the customers will be affected and how the Company will provide notice to the customers.

d. Upon approval, the Commission will issue an amended Certificate.


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